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It all starts with information: factual, evidence-based information, deciphered and presented in an easy-to-understand blog format that you can access from any internet-connected device. Learn at your own pace. Stay on top of cutting edge scientific discoveries you can use to enhance your vitality. Registered members can post comments to the blog (free) and receive periodic newsletter updates about what is happening around the Jentzer Wellness Institute.


Knowledge is not of much use if don’t know how to apply it. All of the features of this web site have been created specifically to help you take advantage of the knowledge base blog. One of the most important tools is the customized private journal you can access through any internet-connected device. This journal helps you track critical lifestyle factors so you can see how well you are doing and where you need to focus more attention. This journal is only visible to you and your Jentzer Wellness Institute coach. Access to your private journal requires a monthly membership.

Other tools include access to real-time and recorded on-line workshops, podcasts, instructional videos, and links to relevant resources you can use to delve deeper into all aspects of healthy living.


The archetype of the rugged individual is a powerful American mythos. It also belies the more accurate reality that supportive communities have created the most enduring accomplishments in every civilization, including the United States. I could go on, but suffice it to say, the most successful people have a strong support system. The forums on this web site are set up specifically to provide support to members on the path of healthy living. The forums are only visible to registered members with a monthly membership, and are closely monitored to maintain the intent and integrity of the support.

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This is an advertising-free zone. No garish pop-up windows, no spam, no annoying appeals to “buy now, while supplies last.”

This site integrates with social media, but is intentionally distinct from it. Social media sites proliferate so fast, it is difficult for many adults to keep up with the latest trends. Having a private site that is closely monitored to eliminate abuse such as flaming posts or unsolicited advertising will help more people in the long run to improve their health. For those who find social media overwhelming or distracting, this site is an oasis of calm. For those who stay abreast of current events through social media, the blog posts will be posted to social media sites so you never miss a beat.

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If you are accepted to participate in a research study sponsored by the Jentzer Wellness Institute your membership fee will be waived while you are participating in the study. High-quality research depends on people like you to help us learn more about the relationship between our health and our behaviors. I cannot thank you enough for helping advance research in this area . . . but I can waive your membership fee.

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